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About Us
Hi, my name is Roy Cooper and I started my record label, 'Suited Records' in 2014 to promote myself & Helen (my wife of over 40 years), song catalogue.
Our latest release 'Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes' is showcased here on the front page.
We hope that you like the new track, and can also have a look/listen at some of the many other songs we have written.
If you are a radio station and wish to play any of our tracks,and provided that you or your station does not get paid for playing the track then full permission is given.
If you need to download the track in mp3 or wav format, please email me and I will reply with a download link for both formats.
All rights belong to me & all music videos were created by myself.
'Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes'


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'Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes' shown above was written by Roy Cooper, a 70 year old pensioner in London UK.
He was self isolating at home after being ill with the corona-virus and felt inspired to write the song and make the animated video of the song.
The singer whom he found on the internet is 22 year old 'Bernardo Gracioli' who was also in self-isolation in France.

'Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes' reflects on how he saw the world from his window, and couldn't stop thinking about those 'Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes' on the coronavirus front-line, and those behind the scenes who helped him get through his crisis, and those continuing to help him and also (helping so many others) as they live through the corona-virus pandemic.

They really are Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes, many having paid the ultimate price for their dedication & often selfless acts of human kindness..
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