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Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes
Free Ringtones
Jason Adams 7 Tracks
Talking Circles
The Magic of Christmas
Free Ringtones
Free Ringtones
Unreleased Songs
Free Ringtones

Hi, my name is Roy Cooper & I started 'Suited Records' with my wonderful wife Helen in 2014 to promote our songs and other songs that we collaborated on.

After my Helen passed away just over 2 years ago, I kept this website going to showcase both my own and Helen's songs which I hope that you find worth listening to.
All of the music videos were made by myself, and are in many different styles, and whilst some are current, others were produced way back.
The menu selections above will take you to the relevant webpages, as will the links below.
'Dedicated People & Unsung Heroes' is my tribute to those who have helped us through the corona virus(Covid-19) pandemic over the last 6 months. (ringtones available)
'The Magic of Christmas' speaks for itself. (ringtones available)
'Outstanding' 'Brave' & Bold' recounts the true stories of children who have been courageous in things that they did for others. (ringtones available)
Other menu buttons 'Jason Adams' has 7 tracks that I wrote and 'Dusty Ridge' 9 tracks, whilst 'Unreleased - 27 Tracks' has finished songs that we have not released yet.
I hope that you enjoy our offerings.
'Talking Circles' My Tribute To 'Helen'
You will find various songs throughout my website thate were written by Helen, my life partner for over 35 years.
Some great songs for sure, however I choose to showcase 'Talking Circles' as a tribute to her as a songwriter, because it was the first music video that I made, and those taking part in it, were all family members.
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