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'Suited' definition - appropriate - right - befitting - acceptable - agreeable
Our Latest Release
Roy Cooper a 70 year old pensioner wrote this song,whilst in isolation at
home, due to the corona pandemic.
He then found 22 year old Bernard Gracioli in France also in isolation who
agreed to record his song.
The Dedicated Few (A Massive Big Thank You)
download & streaming sites
The song has now been released by 'Suited Records'
Available on apple music, google play, spotify, amazon, deezer, and most streaming and music download sites.
Revenue from downloads or streaming will go to help those involved in the front-line of the pandemic and to those who support them.
Also, by watching the video direct on 'youtube' all funds payable to 'suited records' from 'youtube' will go towards the funds raised...
The Dedicated Few (A Massive Big Thank You) shown above was written by Roy Cooper, a 70 year old pensioner in London UK.
He was self isolating at home after being ill with the corona-virus and felt inspired to write the song and make the animated video of the song. The singer whom he found on the internet is 22 year old 'Bernardo Gracioli' who was also in self-isolation in France.
The song is how he saw the world from his window and he kept thinking about those on the coronavirus front-line who helped him get through his crisis, and those continuing to help others as they live through the corona-virus pandemic.
They really are Dedicated People of whom so many have paid the ultimate price for their dedication.
Released by 'Suited Records' in 2020, any funds made by downloading or streaming the song or by viewing the 'youtube' video will be going to help those organisations who support those in the corona pandemics front-line.



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